21st Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Course

12–14 August


Into its 21st iteration this year, this comprehensive course on techniques of endoscopic sinus and skull base surgery is for both beginners and surgeons who have some experience in endoscopic surgery. Through didactic sessions and hands-on cadaver dissections, this course will allow delegates to acquire a sound knowledge of the anatomy of the nose, paranasal sinuses and anterior skull base, understand the techniques of endoscopic sinus and skull base surgery, and learn to avoid the pitfalls of endoscopic sinus surgery.

Course Highlights

This year’s key highlights include lectures on the three-dimensional (3D) anatomy of the nose, paranasal sinuses and surrounding structures, as well as the Frontal Sinus Masterclass, conducted by Prof PJ Wormald. This will provide participants with an in-depth appreciation of the anatomy of the sinonasal cavity and understanding of surgical techniques. During the hands-on cadaver dissection, Image guidance navigation will be available to facilitate the learning of participants.

Course Objectives

The surgeon enrolled in this course should, upon completion, be able to:

  • Understand the detailed anatomy of the nose, paranasal sinuses, and anterior skull base
  • Interpret the CT scan of the sinuses in a consistent and systematic manner
  • Understand the radiological anatomy of the paranasal sinuses
  • Understand the basic requirements for endoscopic sinus surgery
  • Understand the operation theatre set-up
  • Perform basic sinus surgery procedures
  • Understand uses of the instruments and correct handling of the endoscopes
  • Understand the principles of advanced techniques of sinus surgery and endoscopic skull base procedures
  • Perform advanced techniques with experience over time

Cadaveric Dissection

The afternoon sessions will be for hands-on cadaver dissection. There will be demonstrations of endoscopic dissection by our very experience faculty members. Fresh frozen cadaver specimens, endoscopes, dissection instruments and video monitors will be provided. In addition, image guidance will be provided for the cadaver dissection

Course Directors

Dr Dharambir S Sethi, Frcsed
Adjunct Associate Professor Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School
Senior Consultant ENT Surgeon, Novena ENT – Head & Neck Surgery Centre
Director: Rhinology, Endoscopic Sinus surgery, Allergy Services
Visiting Consultant, Department of Otolaryngology, Singapore General
Visiting Consultant, National Eye Centre, Singapore

Dr Neville Teo

Consultant Rhinologist, Dept of Otolaryngology, Singapore General
Consultant, Allergy Centre, Singapore General Hospital
Program Director, Singhealth Otolaryngology Residency Program
Director, SGH Rhinology Fellowship Program
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School

Dr Kang Wee Lee
Chief Operating Officer, Sengkang Health
Consultant, Department of Otolaryngology,
Sengkang Health & Singapore General Hospital

Dr Charn Tze Choong
Associate Consultant,
Dept of Otolaryngology,
Sengkang General Hospital and Singapore General Hospital
Associate Consultant, Allergy Centre, Singapore General Hospital
Instructor, Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School


Peter-John Wormald
Professor and Chairman
Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery
Professor of Skull Base Surgery
University of Adelaide,
Adelaide, Australia

Dr Jayakar V. Nayak
Assistant Professor
Department of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery
Stanford University School of Medicine
California, USA

Dr T.N. Janakiram
Managing Director
Royal Pearl Hospital
Trichy, Tamilnadu

Dr Samuel Leong
Consultant ENT Surgeon & Rhinologist
Department of Otolaryngology
Aintree University Hospital
Liverpool, UK

Dr Chris R. Dhepnorrarat
Consultant Otolaryngologist, Head and Neck Surgeon
Rhinologist, Skull Base Surgeon
Head of Department,
Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery
Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital
Perth, Western Australia

Dr Rusdian Utama Roeslani
Steering Committee, The Indonesian Rhinology Study Group;
Member of The Indonesian Otorhinolaryngological Society;
Lecturer ENT Department faculty of Medicine University of Indonesia;
Director of Gandaria Hospital

Dr Budi Sutikno
Rhinology Division, Department of Otorhinolaryngology
Faculty of Medicine, Airlangga University,
Dr Soetomo General Hospital
Surabaya, Indonesia

Dr K R Meghanadh
Senior Consultant and Head of the Department
Department of ENT and Head & Neck Surgery
MAA ENT Institute
Hyderabad, India

Dr Amran Simanjuntak
Department of ENT H&NS Sub. Rhinology
Haji Hospital Medan
Medan, Indonesia


12th August 2017 (Saturday), Day 1


Time Programme Speaker
0700 – 0815 Registration
0815 – 0820 Welcome Address Dr Barrie Tan
0820 – 0830 Introduction of Faculty Prof Sethi
Session I                         
0830 – 0930 3D Anatomy of the Paranasal Sinuses and Skull Base Prof PJ Wormald
0930 – 1000 Tea Break
Session II  
1000 – 1030 Updates on Pathogenesis of Rhinosinusitis Prof PJ Wormald
1030 – 1050 Management of Bleeding in Endoscopic Sinus & Skull Base Surgery Prof PJ Wormald
1050 – 1110 Pre-operative, Intra-operative and Post-operative Care Dr Neville Teo
Session III
1110 – 1140 Complications of Sinonasal Surgery: Avoidance and Management Dr Jayakar Nayak
1140 – 1210 Modern Evaluation of Nasal Obstruction Dr Jayakar Nayak
1210 – 1230 Q&A
1230 – 1330 Lunch
1330 – 1430 Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Dissection Demonstration
1430 – 1700 Practice Dissection


13th August 2017 (Sunday), Day 2

Time Programme Speaker
0700 – 0800 Registration
Session IV                       
0800 – 1000 Frontal Sinus Masterclass Prof PJ Wormald
1000 – 1030 Tea Break and Photo-Taking
Session V
1030 – 1100 Advanced Frontal Sinus Surgical Techniques Prof PJ Wormald
1100 – 1120 Extended Surgical Approaches to the Maxillary Sinus Dr Neville Teo
1120 – 1140 Extended Surgical Approaches to the Sphenoid Sinus Dr Samuel Leong
Session VI
1140 – 1200 Endoscopic Management of CSF Leaks Dr Ng Yuk Hui
1200 – 1230 FESS Failures and Tips on Revision Surgery Dr Salil Nair
1230 – 1330 Lunch
1330 – 1430 Dacryocystorhinostomy, extended surgical approaches
1430 – 1700 Practice session



14th August 2017 (Monday), Day 3

Time Programme Speaker
0700 – 0730 Registration
Session VII                      
0730 – 0800 Modern Evaluation of Nasal Obstruction Dr Jayakar Nayak
0800 – 0830 Difficult-to-treat Sinusitis: What to do? Dr Jayakar Nayak
0830 – 1000 Live Surgery Prof DS Sethi
1000 – 1030 Tea Break
Session VIII
1030 – 1100 Endoscopic Dacryocystorhinostomy Dr Salil Nair
1100 – 1130 Medial Orbital Wall Surgery & Optic Nerve Decompression Dr Salil Nair
Session IX
1130 – 1150 In-Office Rhinology Dr Jayakar Nayak
1150 – 1200 Q&A
1200 – 1300 Lunch
1300 – 1400 Endoscopic approaches to the central skull base and beyond
1400 – 1700 Practice session