1st Skull Base Surgery Course

10–11 August


The Department of Otolaryngology (ENT) Singapore General Hospital has been organizing the annual SGH ENT Instructional Week for over 20 years. This year, together with the Department of Neurosurgery, National Neuroscience Institute, Singapore, we will hold the first dedicated skull base course. Over the 2-day course, there will be lectures and a hands-on cadaveric dissection workshop conducted by local and international faculty. Dr. Ehab Hanna and Dr. Shaan Raza of UT MD Anderson Cancer Centre, USA, will be on hand to impart valuable knowledge and insights into endoscopic skull base approaches and demonstrate how the head & neck surgeon and neurosurgeon can work together to achieve best outcomes for patients.

Course Objectives

  1. An overview on skull base surgery and endoscopic surgical approaches
  2. Hands-on cadaveric dissection workshop to bring participants through endoscopic skull base surgery and open craniofacial approaches.

Target Audience

  • Otolaryngology and General Surgical Residents with interest in Head and Neck.
  • Neurosurgery Residents.
  • Practicing Neurosurgeons and Otolaryngologists with an interest in endoscopic approaches to the anterior skull base.


Dr Ehab Hanna
Professor and Vice Chairman
Director of Skull Base Surgery
Department of Head and Neck Surgery
Medical Director Head and Neck Center
University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

Dr Shaan M. Raza
Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery and Head and Neck Surgery
Skull Base Tumor Program
Brain and Spine Clinic
Department of Neurosurgery
The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

Dr Jayakar V. Nayak
Assistant Professor
Department of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery
Stanford University School of Medicine
California, USA

Dr Desmond Wee
Otolaryngologist, Head and Neck Surgeon
Consultant Head and Neck Surgeon, Sir Charles Gairdener Hospital Perth
Director at Western ENT


10th August 2017 (Thursday), Day 1 

Time Topic Speaker
8:00 Registration  
8:30 Welcome address
8:35 Lectures
Sellar/Parasellar Tumours
Suprasellar Tumors
Sinonasal and Skull Base Cancers: Management Considerations
Anatomy of Endoscopic Resection of Anterior Skull Base
Reconstruction of Skull Base Defects
Dr. Ang Beng Ti
Dr. Shaan Raza
Dr. Ehab Hanna
Dr. Shaan Raza
Dr. Shaan Raza
10:30 Tea break
10:45 Demonstration
Preparation of the nasal cavity
Nasoseptal flap
Sellar/Parasellar approaches
Draf III and Anterior Skull Base Approach
All faculty
13:00 Lunch
14:00-17:30 Cadaveric Dissection All faculty


11th August 2017 (Friday), Day 2

Time Topic Speaker
8:30 Lectures
Sinonasal and Skull Base Cancers: Oncologic Outcomes
Carotid Artery Management in Endosopic Skull Base Surgery
Anatomy of the transpterygoid and transclival approaches
Transnasal Spine Surgery – Approaching the Foramen magnum and Odontoid
Transfacial Surgery for Skull Base Cancers
Endoscopic Nasopharyngectomy – When and how
Dr. Ehab Hanna
Dr. Shaan Raza
Dr. Shaan Raza
Dr. Jayakar Nayak
Dr. Constance Teo
Dr. Harold Heah
10:30 Tea break
10:45 Demonstration
Transclival approach
Cavernous sinus and Meckel’s cave
Transpterygoid approach
All faculty
13:00 Lunch
14:00-17:30 Cadaveric Dissection All faculty