1st Cochlear Implant Course

23–24 August


Acting on feedback from participants from previous Otology and Neurotology Courses, we have decided to organize the inaugural Cochlear Implant Surgery Course. This is a surgical masterclass focusing on all aspects of cochlear implant surgery. It is targeted at the Otologist who is embarking on his cochlear implant surgery journey and is performing his/her first few cochlear implant surgeries independently. There will be opportunities to hear lectures delivered by regional experts and to discuss difficult cases with esteemed faculty. There will be hands on dissection on temporal bones that focuses on key surgical steps involved in cochlear implant surgery.

Course Objectives and Cadaveric Dissections:

Upon completion of the course, the participants will be able to perform the following dissections under supervision:

  • 1. Cortical Mastoidectomy
  • 2. Posterior tympanotomy
  • 3. Round window insertion of cochlear implants
  • 4. Cochleostomy insertion of cochlear implants
  • 5. Subtotal petrosectomy and blind sac closure for CI insertion in post irradiated patients


Professor Marcus Atlas ( Australia)
Professor Lokman Saim (Malaysia)
Professor Goh Bee See (Malaysia)
Dr Tengku Izam (Malaysia)
Dr Harim Priyono (Indonesia)
Professor Charlotte Chiong (Philippines)
Dr Barrie Tan (Singapore)
A/Professor Low Wong Kein (Singapore)
A/Professor Henry Tan (Singapore)
Dr Yuen Heng Wai (Singapore)


23rd August 2017 (Wednesday), Day 1

Time Topic Speaker
0820 – 0830 Welcome Address Dr Barrie Tan
0830 – 0915 Cochlear Implant Surgery through the years – Where we were and where we are now Prof Marcus Atlas
0915 – 0945 Getting the Best Possible Cochlear Implant Outcomes – The need for holistic team based approach to care Prof Low Wong Kein
0945 – 1015 Surgical Steps in Cochlear Implant Surgery Dr Barrie Tan
1015 – 1045 Course Photography and Tea Break
1045 – 1105 Cochlear Implant Surgery in Children: Pitfalls to watch and Special Tips to surgical success Prof Henry Tan
1105 – 1125 Cochlear Implant in children with hearing loss: how early should we implant? Dr Goh Bee See
1125 – 1145 “Normal” Anatomical Variations in CI Surgery Prof Lokman Saim
1145 – 1205 Cochlear Implantation in Congenitally Abnormal Ears Prof Low Wong Kein
1205 – 1300 Lunch
1230 – 1300 Presentation by Oticon
1300 – 1600 Hands on Temporal Bone Dissection in the Lab


Cortical Mastoidectomy,

Posterior Tympanotomy and wide facial recess, Exposing Round Window Membrane,


Insertion of CI Electrode

1600 – 1620 Tea Break
1620 – 1640 The common surgical problems for beginner’s surgeon in CI: a 7 years observation Dr Harim Priyono
1640 – 1700 The Facial Nerve in CI surgery: Is Identification and Monitoring necessary? Prof Lokman Saim
1700 – 1800 Treatment of Facial Nerve Injuries and Facial Reanimation Surgery Dr Wong Manzhi
1800 – 2100 Course Dinner


24th August 2017 (Thursday), Day 2

Time Topic Speaker
0830 – 0900 Radiologic Imaging for Cochlear Implant Surgery Dr Tan Tiong Yong
0900 – 0940 Cochlear Implant 2017: Paradigm Shifts in Thinking Dr Yuen Heng Wai
0940 – 1010 Hearing Preservation Surgery in Cochlear Implantation Prof Marcus Atlas
1010 – 1030 Tea Break
1030 – 1300 Hands On Dissection: 2nd Temporal Bone


Cortical Mastoidectomy,

Posterior Tympanotomy and wide facial recess, Exposing Round Window Membrane,


Insertion of CI Electrode,

Basal Turn Drillout,

Examining the 2nd turn

1300 – 1400 Lunch
1330 – 1400 Advanced Bionics Presentation
1400 – 1420 Dilemmas and Complications in Cochlear Implant Surgery Prof Charlotte Chiong
1420 – 1620 Cochlear Implant Difficult Case Presentations and Discussions


Dr Harim Priyono

Dr Goh Bee See

Prof Lokman Saim

Dr Tengku Izam

Dr Yuen Heng Wai

Prof Low Wong Kein

Dr Rebecca Heywood

Dr Charlotte Chiong

Dr Barrie Tan

1620 – 1650 Current Trends and The Future of Cochlear Implantation Prof Marcus Atlas
1650 – 1700 Closing Address Dr Barrie Tan